Sylveon – Eevee’s Newest Evolution

Has Nintendo lost their mind? Giving us so many announcements in their videos on a regular basis is just too much. It’s amazing! So of course there had to be some Pokemon X and Y info in there. How about a new Pokemon?

Well, it’s a new evolution of an existing Pokemon. One that has 7 evolved forms already (fire, water, electricity, psychic, dark, ice, and grass), which pushes that number to 8. Yup, a new Eevee evolution. Take a look:

First off I’d like to point out, why is there no music? It’s kinda creepy. Moving on, there was no talk of what type this new evolution is so your guess is as good as mine. I’m going to put my chips on a Flying type, mainly because what else is there besides Normal? A NEW TYPE!? Maybe… just maybe.

What type do you think Sylveon is? We’d love to hear in the comments below!



  1. Seems to me like this new Eeveelution could be caused by the Shiny Stone. As for the type…well, it would be dumb for it to be a Normal type. Maybe Nintendo’s throwing players for a loop and making it a Fighting type?

    1. A pink-coloured Fighting type? That would be cool in its own way, and definitely better than the introduction of yet another type. I mean, it already got silly back in Generation 2 when they introduced Steel…

      1. It would be pretty entertaining to see a pink fox with bow ties as a fighting type, but honestly who knows where they will go with it. I mean the last gen did have an ice cream cone and a bag of trash as Pokemon (both of which I loved.)

      2. I’ll say it right here: if Sylveon will be a Fighting type, it will be in my team ASAP. Getting owned is bad, getting owned by a bowtie-wearing pink cat-something is pure humiliation.

  2. It’s probably Normal-type, since it’s shown doing all Normal attacks. Also, it’s pink with bows, also very Normal. Anyways, I think a Normal evolution would be kind of cool, some weird part of me always wants to make Eevee work without evolving.


  3. I just wrote about the same thing though when I blogged about it I didn’t have the English name yet I guess I’ll have to go back and change that. Also you’re right it was really weird that there was no music for a moment I thought my headphones were dying. Glad to see that I’m not the only one who thinks Sylveon will be a Flying type since most people are pegging it as Fighting or Normal.

    1. I would be rather disappointed to see a Normal evolution. The whole point of Eevee was to take a normal Pokemon and advance it in one specific element. Normal type kind of defeats the purpose.

  4. Looks like Normal to me, given the colour scheme. I don’t think that’s a bad thing at all, why not have the result of an Eevee growing and developing without external influences like Stones or the day/night cycle?

    1. I guess it would be kind of have standard evolution for Eevee, one that simply requires you to reach a certain level. I’m still hoping they fuse it with some other style, but we will just have to wait and see for now.

  5. Is Eevee going to be like Ditto for Pokemon types? Damn, I might still be a Gen 1 old person (okay I’m 23, not that old, shhh), but I still prefer Jolteon over the others ._.’

    1. It seems like they are just spitting out as many different evolutions as they possibly can. I think it would be cool if they confirmed a ghost or poison Eevee, something nice and gross looking.

      1. A ghost-type Eeveelution would blow my mind, tbh. But aren’t they going to run out of type combinations at some point? :/

      2. Don’t you worry, I’m sure they will come up with some ridiculous types for the new generation. Where there’s a poke-will, there’s a poke-way. They haven’t created bacteria type Pokemon, there’s something for them to cash in on.

      1. Oh my good God. I honestly haven’t been keeping up very well with the Pokemon series after it transitioned to the DS (because my broke ass eats up money saved for gaming devices if it’s not on PC or a system I have)… so this is shocking news. Garbagemon, I choose you?!

      2. Hahaha you were very close with the name. It’s first stage is Trubbish (how clever, I know) and the evolved form is called Garbador. It’s so ridiculous! But, I can’t help but love it.

  6. So stupid I’m actually the only pokemon fan who dislike this new form so much! All you bitches care about is its type!!! Don’t u see how different and ugly this pokemon is! Fairy-ass tails, big white clear eyes with no dot, and it have bow wtf!!!!! Am I the only one who think this pokemon is a disgrace to the eeveelutoins?!

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