Get F-Zero for 30¢

There is no doubt in my mind that F-Zero is one of the greatest racing games of all time. It’s the also the first racing game I ever owned. In honor of the Wii U Virtual Console pre-launch, Nintendo is releasing this classic at an outrageously low price. 

Last month Nintendo celebrated the Famicon’s 30th birthday. To celebrate this momentousness occasion, Nintendo began it’s Wii U Virtual Console Trail Campaign with the release of Balloon Fight on the Wii U eshop. Each month, the eshop will release one classic game at the insane price of .30¢ for 30 days, leading up to the release of the next game. Tomorrow (2-20) we get F-Zero. Here is the schedule for this discounted promotion:

The Wii U Virtual Console doesn’t officially launch until this spring, but you can still download all these great games through the Wii U’s eshop. It’s a great way to replay some of these classic titles and for the price of a gumball, it’s a ridiculous offer to pass up. Plus, you get to jam out to this anytime you want.


I Mileson I





  1. I guess .30 for 30 days isn’t too bad since you can probably beat it in that time… then they take it from you. A good chance to try out the games if you haven’t played them though!

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