PS4 is the Work of the Devil

The more we learn about the capabilities of the Playstation 4, the scarier it gets. First check out this announcement:

Yes, that’s right you can upload gameplay videos while playing. You can watch your friends play, in real time. Now, take a look at these two tech demos. The first one from Square-Enix:

The next from Quantic Dream:

Like the title says: The PS4 is the work of the Devil.



      1. That old man & the new Final Fantasy have me floored. It’s getting so that they don’t even look like games anymore but some weird alternate reality.
        Now the old shmucks that blame every act of violence on video games will have more ammo. All because of the one idiot that sits at home and plays for 48 hours strait & suddenly thinks he’s in the game. lol
        All jokes aside, this has me crazy excited. Excellent posts, man. 😉

  1. I’m super excited about the Share functionality…you’re going to see a lot more game play footage from EVERYONE!!! It’s going to make my “job” as a blogger and reviewer a helluva lot easier…video coming soon to Excuse the plug.

    1. That is honestly one of the features I am most excited about as well. Capturing and sharing video always takes forever and this seems to be a very quick and efficient way of doing so.

      Shameless self-promotion lol.

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