Here’s the Situation – Playstation 4

We are through the looking glass here, people. Here is what we know, Sony has unveiled it’s latest console, the Playstation 4

The system has 8 gb of RAM, an x86 CPU along with a built in hard drive, the capacity of which is still sketchy but we do know you will be able to play games as they are downloading. They showed off several tech demos including the Unreal Engine 4, that can basically do anything anyone can imagine in real time.


The new controller will feature a touch pad right in the center, basically Sony is keeping the primary Playstation controller design intact while amping up the motion controls. The Vita is also getting some love. Taking a cue from the WiiU, the Vita will let you keep playing your game on the go after turning off the console. We’ll have more along with some video, as it comes in!

UPDATE: Here’s a video concerning the controller and tech demos:



      1. Well yeah because the PS3 was over $600 when it first came out, because of Blue Ray. Maybe $529 they are considering the economy… how kind of them! HA!

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  2. While I am still deeply considering skipping this console generation in favor of a good gaming PC after this gen left a really bad taste in my mouth (I’m an Xbox360 owner, and nothing I say reflects my love of Nintendo, I fully intend to get a WiiU eventually, cause Zelda). I do have to say Sony piqued my interest. Not in the specs or the big blockbusters, but how open it seems that their business tactics seem to be. From the allowance of letting indie devs name their price points to really asking various devs what they want in a system to develop for, Sony seems to have the right paths in mind. I really hope that they follow through with these great practices they were talking about and maaaybeeee I’ll grab a PS4 after the first inevitable price cut.

    On a side note, the controller looks much better than the current dualshock, but still something seems off. I hope that there is some heft to it and it’s a bit larger than it looks in pictures, I got big ol’ man hands.

    1. Sony is offering some pretty cool ‘for the gamer’ type features and I hope they deliver with all of these promises. I wasn’t blown away by my PS3 purchase, especially considering that 90 percent of the games aren’t in 1080p. I mean come on! You use th blu-ray drive as a selling point and you don’t give us full HD gaming!? Anyway…. Hopefully the PS4 turns Sony around a little bit.


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