Nerd Wars! Why Are You Buying a Playstation 4?

PlayStation 4 Logo

It was a Sony newsplosion yesterday. We received an outrageous amount of info on their new console, the Playstation 4This well-produced presentation made sure to cover all the really vital selling points and we have to admit, some of these new features are pretty convincing.

This week we want to know what features and games would make you purchase this exciting, new console. Are you amped about the beefy new processor and graphics card? Or are you a little more jazzed about the spiffy, new Dualshock 4 controller? Hey, if you’re excited about all of it, feel free to check any box that applies.

Whether you are sold on the new Playstation or not, you can’t deny the fact that Sony is offering it’s fans some rather cool services. If you think some of these features are ridiculous and unnecessary, feel free to share. Let’s get it all out in the open and let the Nerd Wars! begin!


  1. The uploading video while playing seems unnecessary to me, but maybe that’s just because I know if I were to upload while playing, that will be the time I totally mess up, something I can usually do quite easily. 🙂

  2. The only reason I would ever consider buying a PS4 is if it had some decent exclusives (like a Metal Gear game which is the main reason I own PS3) and maybe if I didn’t think my PC could handle something but even then I would just save up my money and buy a new PC. When it comes to the console wars Sony has my loyalty at this point because Nintendo is a little too childish and gimmicky and Xbox is just another way for Bill Gates to rape my wallet.

      1. The only reason I truly liked PS3 was because it’s free to get online and it didn’t absolutely break when I tried to update it like the 360 did. I have tried to get online with the 360 multiple times and had nothing but problems with it. I think part of the problem with Sony is that they got such a bad rep after the initial PS3 releases that they were never truly able to break the curse…lets hope PS4 doesn’t drop the ball here.

      2. I thought that was the one area where Sony failed. Their online, albeit free, was lacking and it being free was their justification for that. I don’t understand how a modern gaming system doesn’t support cross-game chat. Even though Xbox Live is a paid service, it totally redefined the way we play games online. I’m glad to see the PS4 is going to borrow from that formula. Little upset to see it cost $90 bucks a year to do so.

      3. Yeah, I am not a big enough console gamer to justify $90 a month so hopefully their free online services won’t be affected. Following Microsoft when it comes to online gaming is not a good thing in my opinion. I think if you are going to emulate Microsoft the last thing you should emulate is their price tag.

      4. It’s $90 bucks for the year, which isn’t completely outrageous if you’re someone who only plans on using the PS4. I don’t think Xbox Gold is too outrageously priced. For the amount of exclusives/features/content you get, $60 for a year is a really small amount.

        That being said, I don’t want to pay $60, plus $90, plus the cost of my games every year. Hopefully still offers some option for a free service (and it better have cross-game chat.)

  3. The only real reason I will buy the PS4 is because eventually they will start making games that are only for the PS4 and eventually stop making PS3 games altogether. Now I’m not saying that some of these features aren’t cool I just don’t see anything I myself would really be excited for.

    1. Yeah, that’s a true point. That is how it was for the PS3, I didn’t buy one until they dropped under $300 bucks. I’m little bit more excited about the PS4, but we still haven’t seen the.Microsoft reveal.

  4. I thought it was refreshing that they focused on games and gamers for the most part. During the show I was pretty pumped, but in retrospect the only things that stood out were Killzone 4, the system specs, and my hope that they fixed the triggers on the controller.

    1. The focus on the gamer was definitely there. The game sharing/spectating seems like it will be really cool. I hope Sony gets some more standout exclusives, none of the games announced really floored me.

  5. I’m buying it because I don’t like what I’m hearing about the NextBox, what with the talk of it being a Trojan Horse built as an all-encompassing media hub or whatever. I’m sick of that. Sony put much more emphasis on games, and I appreciated that.

    It’s up to MS to quell my fears about their strategy.

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