1UP.com Closed

Yesterday it was announced that IGN.com’s new owner, Ziff-Davis, would be closing 1up.com. A really terrific site, that puts out two of my favorite podcasts, Retronauts and Active Time Babble. You can read the announcement here, from Jeremy Parish.

So long, 1up.com and thanks for all the content. I thought, 8 Bit Weapon’s 2d Died, would be appropriate.



    1. It’s truly a shame. This was a really great, reliable gaming website that will be shutdown due to a lack of financial support. I know their audience was large and many people are going to be upset about this news. Damn you fiscal restraints!

  1. It’s a damn shame. These guys ran one some of the most insightful and entertaining podcasts about video games.

    Retronauts is a fantastic show, but I am happy with what they have achieved during their lifetime and so should they. Best of luck to everyone who is temporarily out of a job.

    1. It’s always upsetting to see a talented group of people out of work, but I’m sure it won’t be long before they are back on the scene.

      Best of luck to all of their new endeavors.

  2. What!! This sucks, I like 1up a lot and have been visting and commenting on it for years. It was also one of the first gaming sites I really took a like too. Retronauts was one of the classic gaming columns/podcasts you could find on the internet and Jeremy Parish’s writing has always been some of my favorite in game journalism (and of course I’ll follow him where ever he goes next). It’s been about 4 days since I visited and now I feel bad for finding out here(no offense to you, your site is great ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). Long Live the King, The King is Dead!!! And fuck Ziff-Davis,

    1. It was seriously disappointing news to wake up to. 1UP had such character and I always enjoyed the writing. Unfortunately that is the downside of being owned by a giant media enterprise.

      Por que!?????

  3. It’s awful news – not just that some great writers lost their jobs, but I’ll miss the focus on cover stories and features that 1UP was great at. Most of the other gaming news networks put features on the back burner.

    1. That’s so true. 1UP covered things I was legitimately interested in hearing more about. It seems like a lot of the other “gaming” sites are focusing more on movies and gadgets nowadays.


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