Super Friday Bros 4!

This past week week, Sony unrelieved the Playstation 4. Which may very well turn out to be the ultimate gaming machine. So what is Nintendo to do? Well, it might be time to go hardcore. The guys over at Rocket Jump, have released the final map of Super Mario Bros. 3 in first person. Call of Duty, eat your heart out… or not it’s up to you:

Of course first person isn’t for everyone, so what about going more Skyrim? Clintmich has created what might be the pinnacle of Skyrim mods:

Or Nintendo could just keep doing what it’s doing. The more I think about it, the more I’d like that. Happy Friday Everyone!



    1. Hahaha yeah I did the same thing, but for the Macho Man dragon mod. I would crack up every time I saw a dragon fly by and shout ‘Yeaaaahhhh!’ and ‘With Macho Man, the sky’s the limit!’

  1. Well the the first person mario game have killstreaks like throwing a bunch of shells, i will drop cod right now if that was the case

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