It’s a Friday Hunt, Man! A Friday Hunt!

While we’re all in agreement that the Alien films are great, this past month saw the release of the long awaited, Aliens: Colonial Marines. Possibly the worst FPS to come out in a long time. But as Mystery Science Theater 3000 showed us, terrible things can be fun. Case in point, Machinima’s Bro Team takes the game on:

Now, you may be saying that that was just a few choice examples of glitches. Sadly no, PCGamesN clearly shows us that the game is indeed just flat out broken:

If you’ll recall, the Xenomorphs, were remorseless murder machines that stalked their prey with cunning and deadly innovation in the films. In Aliens: Colonial Marines, they give up once you get a couple yards away. Still fans, remember it’s not the weirdest thing to happen to the franchise:

Happy Friday Everyone!


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  1. Language aside, that bro team video made me lol so bad. It pains me to see a game I was looking so forward to be so… bad.

    Also, I remember those toys when they came out. Funky how that was geared towards kids who couldn’t go and watch that movie by themselves. Luckily my mother took me to them lol.

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