Mass Effect 3 DLC

Just a reminder, the last Mass Effect 3 DLC, titled Citadel, is out today. While I never got that much into Mass Effect, it is kind of sad to see it go. Check out the trailer, which kind of looks like a better ending to the series than the one everyone complained about:



  1. I never even got to finish ME3 -.-”
    I think Fallout: New Vegas and Mass Effect 3 are the only games that I never completed

  2. Oh, I *LOVE* Mass Effect (though I don’t like the ending). This’ll be something I’ll add to my collection, to my preciousessssss. šŸ˜‰

      1. Now I wantsss it even more… you think my boss will believe me if I say I’ve caught the Shepard bug and need to stay home from work?

      2. Yeah I hear that’s been going around lately. You could call and say you’re having problems with your eyes because “You don’t see yourself coming into work.”

    1. Thanks for stopping by and sharing! It looked like a pretty cool addition to the game, plus I hear one of the characters gets tanked and throws up in the shower,

  3. Hell, i’m still not sure if I should buy this now and starve later, or buy it later and go to mcdonalds now? Well anyway, a great game with (hopefully) great dlc, can’t wait for spinsoffs from ME universe.

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