Lost Planet 3 Release Date


Today Capcom announced that the release date for Lost Planet 3 will be June 25th in North America and June 28th in Europe. They also released a new trailer giving a good idea of the story: 

Capcom let people in on the pre-order bonuses, from Amazon and Best Buy you get exclusive weapons (different for either retailer) and from Gamestop and EB Games you get exclusive multiplayer characters of which include, Hunk from Resident Evil.

amazon lp3 pbbest buy lp3 po


Not too shabby.

(h/t Capcom)



  1. I’m not too convinced by the trailer and the gameplay video they were showing. I’m normally not one for graphics to make a difference, but it did seem lacking as well as the game/gameplay seemed plain. When I first saw this I thought to myself, “Didn’t this already come out?” Then I remembered that I thought DS3 was Lost Planet. It’s nifty to be sure, but I’m just not sold.

    1. I’m still pretty excited for this game. I’m a fan of the first two games and a huge Capcom fan in general. The trailer had too much dialogue and not enough action in my opinion. Lost Planet has never been known for it’s riveting dialogue.

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