Nerd Wars! Video Game Baby Names

Choosing a baby name can be a grueling process. You don’t want to pick a name that everybody else’s kid has, but you don’t want to have one of those creepy, celebrity baby names, like Nectarine. We’re going to shake things like a baby for this week’s round of Nerd Wars! We mean, shake things up… yeah, that’s it. We’re going to choose a selection of fantastic baby names, inspired by our favorite video game characters and we need your help choosing the best ones. You can vote for your favorites (up to three) or come up with your own. (If you choose your own, make sure to enter the name into the comment section below.) 


  1. No matter how cool a name sounds in a game, it sounds crappy once you have to shout it to get your kid to the dinner table.

    Nonetheless, whoever has the balls to call his daughter “Kirby” deserves a medal for courage and a very, very tolerant spouse.

    1. One of the main female characters in Scream 4 was name Kirby and it seemed to work pretty well. I thought it was a little strange at first, but it grew on me.

      I don’t really know that the average spouse would go for it at all, but who know, maybe you could sneak it in there.

  2. My daughter’s nickname is Linkie. And the male version of her name (Ives) means ‘little archer’.

  3. I’m trying to convince my girlfriend to accept Garrus as a possible name for a yet unconvinced child. Admittedly its an uphill task.

  4. We gotta point out the fact that comedian Robin Williams named his daughter Zelda after the games. It’s a great name. I’m waiting to see girls named Aerith, Tifa, Yuna or Rikku start popping up in the U.S. next.

  5. The names of my choice
    Lara(tomb raider)
    Sonya(mortal kombat)
    Miaciah ( fire emblem)

    Roy(fire emblem)
    Raiden(mortal kombat)

    That’s all I can think of right now 🙂

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