Retro Revisited – Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse

Castlevania 3

So while Castlevania 3DS came out earlier this week, I’ve been spending my time playing Castlevania 3: DC (you see what I did there?). Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse is probably the best and most underrated in the entire series.

Ditching the strange towns and RPG elements of Simon’s Quest, Konami decided to bring Castlevania back to it’s roots with the third and final NES entry. You have an orange Belmont climbing stairs while avoiding medusa heads, just like the old days. But unlike the old days, we’re starting to mature here at the Retro Revisited section because I present to you, our first Video Revisit. It’s voice is cracking and it has wood, but with no idea why. We’re so proud!

This is my first attempt at using any kind of video software so I apologize if it hurts your eyes/ears/brain.



    1. I picked up Mirror of Fate and once you get into it, it’s actually a pretty solid game. It’s not like entirely like the other Castlevania games, but that’s not a bad thing at all.

  1. This is D. Jones creator, producer, & 1/4 host of GameOnRadio! I enjoyed this piece Castlevania is one of my favorite franchises. I own every Akumajō Dracula game created, and I agree with you. I feel that Akumajō Densetsu (Devil’s Castle Legend) along with Akumajō Dracula Mokushiroku (Castlevania 64) are among the two most underrated games in the series. I remember when I got the game back in 1990 how many hours I stayed on that game I got in trouble with my moms cause I wanted to play it before doing my homework. Great Post Bro!

    1. Thanks for stopping by and sharing some love! We are huge Castlevania fans around these parts. The last week we’ve been playing with any Belmont we can get our hands on. What’s your opinion on the Lords of Shadow timeline?

      1. Now I have not opened my copy of Mirror of Fate yet (Birthday week partying LOL) so I’ll post a review on the site of my opinion of it. As far as the “New” timeline I think it was needed and a fresh take on it. I love the whole fighting from within theme. When I say that I mean the Belmont’s fighting within themselves. I Love that Dracula is a Belmont and the liberties they took with the story. So I eagerly bought Lords of Shadows when it was released on the PS3 as well as the DLC. I totally can’t wait until LoS2 is released, but of course I’ll have to finish Mirror of Fate first since it is an in-between story.

      2. Hahaha, hey more power to ya man. It was your birthday after all. I just got 100% completion of MoF a few days ago and I can honestly that it’s a solid entry in the series. There is a heavy focus on the story and even a few dramatic twists along the way. The combat is completely fresh, but the 2D platformer is familiar and respective of the series. Plus it’s got Alucard, so that’s an automatic bonus.

        I totally agree with you about the need refreshment of the series. This new timeline and new character focus has created some interesting drama in the series.

  2. I’m a big Castlevania fan and grew up in the NES generation, but I definitely played 2 the most. I liked the RPG elements.. but 3 did let me craw around on the ceiling as a spry little dude.. so that’s a plus.

  3. Great review, brings back memories, in particular all the deaths, that is what I remember the most from those early Castlevania games. NES games in general had a level of difficulty rarely found in today market. Now everything has to be playable to the masses… imagine if they released a game today that was as hard as this or say the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game, damn the dam level! and if you did manage to disarm those bombs the next level was near impossible! Keep the reviews coming, love the 8 bit days!

    1. Not the original TMNT game!!! The nightmares are back! That game was so insanely difficult. I remember trying on several occasions to beat that game and I never even came close.

      1. Yes the original TMNT 8-bit nightmare rocket fuel! Imagine how chastised a game would be these days if it were that hard. As a kid we didn’t know any better just keep playing and keep replaying, and maybe eventually you would succeed, just like metroid, mother brain was so tough!

      2. Have you played Dark Souls? I think that is the hardest game I’ve played in the last several years. It beckon back to the glory days when a game would just smack in the face over and over, until you finally got it right.

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