The latest piece of DLC for Dead Space 3 entitled “Awakened,” provides a supplemental ending to the game and attempts to answer the burning questions left open following the events of the original finale. It packs on the creepy pretty heavily, but is it worth your time? Well, if you have ten bucks and an hour, then yes it is.

Anyone who’s completed Dead Space 3, knows things get a little weird towards the end of the game. Things go from Lost Planet to Halo, in about 15 seconds. Honestly, it was a rather sub-par conclusion to an otherwise solid, trilogy. I was playing co-op with a good friend and we were honestly laughing out loud at the absurdity of the last few hours of the game. All elements of horror were completely thrown out the window. We got some sick satisfaction when that Elton John, wannabee, got his comeuppance, but other than that, we were pretty let down. (If you haven’t beaten the original campaign, you should probably stop reading, unless you really don’t care about spoilers.)

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o-d4zIhqEzw]

One of my favorite parts of the entire add-on is the very beginning. It totally pokes fun at itself. It points out just how ridiculous the ending of Dead Space 3 actually was. The scene opens with Isaac in his “apartment.” He slowly walks up to his bathroom sink and looks in the mirror. His reflection is Carver, who shouts “Get the hell out of my apartment!” The bathroom fades and our two heroes find themselves mysteriously back on Tau Volantis. “What the hell are you talking about!?” Carver turns to Isaac, “What the hell man!? We should be dead! You saw that thing go off. What, were we saved by aliens or something?” Issac grabs his head and turns away dramatically, “Maybe we are dead…” It was a really funny way to reintroduce these characters. The rest of the campaign toys with the idea of a “Sixth Sense-esque” ending.

Remember when Dead Space was scary? Yeah, me too… But, there is still some hope. Awakened makes some promising strides towards recreating the terrifying world Dead Space 1 and 2 constructed. You spend most your time in tight, compact spaces surrounded by mutilated corpses and constant reminders of your fading sanity. Your haunting visions are back and more powerful than ever. Issac and John are both being tormented by the vivid image of a recurring moon and the terrifying figure of the “prophet.” You can’t tell when enemies are real and when they are simply a figment of your imagination. Even while playing co-op, there were a few moments where I legitimately jumped out of my seat a little bit.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ttM9UAYtx_I]

Religious extremists have always been the primary focus in the Dead Space narrative, but the congregation you encounter in Awakened, take things to a whole new level. These guys make the Unitologists look like a bunch of half-assed, posers. The “Prophet” convinces this estranged group that Unitology has it’s practices fundamentally wrong. Forget about the simplicity of partaking in bread and wine, to join this church, you are required to donate your hands, tongue, and eyes. Watching the events of this “church” unfold, provide images far more terrifying than anything you encounter in the standard Dead Space 3 campaign.

Dead Space 3 Cult

My biggest complaint about this chunk of DLC is the length. Awakened can be easily beaten in less than an hour. Even on “Hard” mode, I managed to complete it in an hour hour and fifteen minutes. This wouldn’t be a huge deal, if EA wasn’t charging ten bucks for the add-on.

Overall, Awakened is a great addition to Dead Space 3. The haunting, and sometimes comical, story provides a much more fulfilling ending than fans original received. The articulately calculated, horrific atmospheres, remind us of why we all fell in love with Dead Space in the first place. There isn’t really anything exceptional as far as weapons parts and upgrades go, but I did manage to wrangle up a few solid circuit boards during my playthrough. Like I said, the only major set backs are going to be the total playtime and price tag. You really have to ask yourself, “Is ten bucks worth an hour of gameplay?” If you’re a Dead Space fan, who wants to experience a more satisfying ending, I’d say this is well worth it. Of course, they could have just given this to us for free right?… Not on EA‘s watch. Not ever.



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    1. It’s a really fun game. And “fun” is definitely the key word. It strays from it’s horror roots a way, but it provides some genuinely fun gameplay, that leaves you wanting more.

  1. Thanks for the lowdown on the DLC, because I am certainly not giving EA any more of my money after giving them $60 to ruin the Dead Space series for me and still harass me for money the entire time. I really like the images here, too bad nothing this disturbing/scary was in the actual game!

  2. I can’t say I’ve ever tried Dead Space. But I’ve wanted to, I’m just so busy making games these days. Some of the graphics for Dead Space look really impressive, but it seems that it teeters out towards the end of the game. Its great that every was happy with the ending this time. The voiceovers and soundtrack also nice and looking AAA, but everyone has high expectations for the big companies, and they should. I hate EA for swallowing up all the good medium sized game companies back in the day. It seems like it was a mis-marketing of the game, its sold as a scary game and fails to deliver. Gamers hate nothing more than games which make promises on the advertising then fail to deliver on those promises. Game developers get caught up in the hype promising more and more, the reality is though, if they have more money, they can make a better game, but after a point, they just find ways to waste it. And Ten bucks is nothing these days, or multiplayer subscription games, look at all those freemium games, grabbing a dollar for every bit of gameplay. Y’know the industry news says those freemium games are making more money than Retail games like the one above.

    1. Dead Space has always done a fresh job with atmosphere. The music is haunting, the environments are engaging, and the action is always tense. This is one studio that doesn’t get enough credit and it’s mainly because horror games are such a niche market.

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