Act Now! It’s Friday!

Greetings! Once again it has come down to Friday. This past week saw the release of two games we’ve been waiting awhile to see. The first up, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate from Capcom. To celebrate Capcom Unity (oh Capcom + Community, I get it) created this great video to play on the beauty of consumerism:

While Capcom may be a giant faceless corporation, they really are a pretty cool giant faceless corporation. The second game we couldn’t wait to get was of course, Gears of War: Judgement.  Comedian, Kumail Nanjiani brings us a series of sketches presented by IGN and Funny or Die, including what we’ve all secretly longed for, a Gears of War play:

I am so glad my 360 happens to be haunted. Happy Friday Everyone!


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