Merch and Forums Up Now!

There have been some pretty big additions to the ol’ What’s Your Tag? site in the last couple weeks. We now officially have a merch store and a forum setup. We’re very excited about both and we’re hoping you are too.


Putting together a website can be pretty expensive. We love giving away free stuff and keeping our gear up-to-date, but there’s that whole finance thing that can get in the way. If you like what we do, you can help us out by buying yourself a brand new shirt from our online store. It’s either that, or we can start selling ourselves on the streets. We’re currently taking offers for that as well.


Forums are an awesome way to build an engaging community. We love chatting with readers and fellow gamers. It always makes for interesting, and sometimes pretty weird, conversation. We like it weird. We embrace the weird. We setup the forum as a way for readers to let their voices be heard. If you’re the master of a game, share your vast knowledge with the world. If you just want to share random crap you’ve found on the internet, that’s totally welcome. We’re currently looking for contributors and moderators. Come sign up and engage in the weirdness.

Thank you all for supporting our shenanigans.

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