Nerd Wars! Which Dead Space is Your Favorite?

We’ve made it perfectly clear that we love and support Dead Space. It is one of the best horror franchises of this generation. We’ve had many special memories of rag-dolling limbs and horrifically, brutal death sequences. Each game brought it’s own special charm, so for us this is a difficult choice, but this week we want to know which Dead Space is your favorite? Let the Nerd Wars! begin!


  1. I have to choose the first game, it’s the only one I played (fear quit). I *am* curious about the story though… maybe if I play blindfolded?

      1. Seeing that my heart jumps to my throat just looking at the pics, maybe I’ll leave the playing to manly men and just read the Wiki.

  2. Dead Space 1is the best I think. It’s epic and scary!! I don’t think I could ever reply it lol. Part 2 was good and I’m yet to play DeadSpace 3

  3. 1 is my favorite so far, but I’m only halfway through 2 and haven’t touched 3 yet. 2 feels like a bit more guided experience so far and has lost a bit too much of the atmosphere the first game had and did so well.

    1. Yeah definitely keep playing the second one. The pacing is sooo good. When I got a few hours in, I couldn’t stop playing. I love the first game, but Dead Space 2 is my top pick.

  4. Dead Space (the first) will always be my favourite, hands down.
    I tried to play through 2, and while at first i thought the set pieces where amazingly done (that opening gore scare moment was awesome), i couldnt help but feel i was constantly being locked in each room and had clones of the same necromorphs ‘thrown’ at me.

    it was clearly toned down from survival horror to more shooty/actioney forced segments.
    i probably didnt give it much chance, but i promptly quit soon after escaping the hospital.

    i tried the demo for Dead Space 3 and wasnt at all surprised that, once again they changed the formula to even MORE action sequences and gunplay, at one point i had to slap myself and stop comparing it to Lost Planet lol.

    1. I loved the original Dead Space and played through it multiple times. It was such a tense and terrifying experience.

      While Dead Space 2 was more ‘action-oriented,’ I believe it was still a better structured game. The pacing was incredibly well-done and you never truly felt safe, even in the ‘safe’ rooms. The original had a lot of unnecessary repetition and the second game streamlined the whole experience, while keeping all the the primal elements of fear.

      I love them all in their own way, but Dead Space 2 was the pinnacle for me.

  5. I thought the original Dead Space was the best in the series. Dead Space 2 was scary yeah, but it was also frustratingly difficult that I lost interest about 60% into the game. And don’t even get me started on Dead Space 3. If I wanted a horror game, then Dead Space 3 isn’t it. It’s a damn action game with horror flavouring. Not cool at all. Seriously, if you’re in the market for horror games, go indie, there’s so many great ones to choose from, and you’ll be able to get about six of them for the price of Dead Space 3.

    1. Dead Space 3 was trying to reach a broad audience and it suffered for it. The intro was basically a Michael Bay movie. There were some elements that made it a very fun game, like the weapon crafting system and co-op, but both of these features took away from 80% of the horror.

  6. I think that the first one was the best because it was so fresh for its time. Nothing scared the crap out of me more and I was always on edge because I didn’t know what to expect. The second one is great too because it elaborated on the atmosphere established in the first. I enjoyed the third one, even though it was more “actiony.” It was more entertaining when I played it with a friend of mine because joking around and commenting on our situation was hilarious. It obviously lessened the horror aspect of it, but it was fun nevertheless.

    1. I totally agree. Dead Space 3 was a very good game, just slightly out of place in the Dead Space universe. A buddy and I played through three times in Co-op and had a blast.

  7. While I love the first DS, I found more enjoyment in Issac’s 2nd de-limbing romp. Ya, it was more action packed, but it also did the horror well. A great balance of scary and ‘fuck yeah!’. 1 dragged a bit towards the end and the 3rd was decent but too contrived.

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