Elementary, My Dear Friday

You see, what the killer forgot was that by traversing the calendar it becomes Friday once again! Let’s face it, Sherlock Holmes is awesome. He’s Batman with less punching, but he makes up for it by using Baritsu when throwing Math professors off of waterfalls. Also, like Batman, his sidekick can be weird and sometimes down right creepy:

That comes to us, this past week, from Focus Interactive, the publisher of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes series of games. It’s a riff on a programming error from their 2007, Sherlock Holmes versus Arsene Lupin, also known as Sherlock Holmes: Nemesis. In the game, Watson has no walking animation so he just sort of teleports. This was made into the Creepy Watson viral video, you can check it out below from youtube user, tdous:

In the end Slender ain’t got nuthin’ on Watson. Happy Friday Everyone!



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