Mewtwo Two?


Today Nintendo released a new trailer for Pokemon X and Y that introduces a brand new Pokemon, one that looks shockingly familiar to our old pal, Mewtwo

From the trailer, it appears that this creature will be a psychic-type. While this isn’t confirmed, there are many speculations that this new Pokemon is actually an evolution to Mewtwo. Some painfully clever, internet geniuses have even coined the name, “Mewthree.”

Check out the trailer and judge for yourself.


Pretty convincing, huh? If you weren’t already sold on the new Pokemon game, I think this is big enough news to get you to hop on the band-wagon. Just one more reason to be ridiculously excited for Pokemon X and Y.

Pokemon X and Y are scheduled for release in October, 2013

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  1. A lot of die hard Pokemon fans are crying foul because one of their oldest and most beloved Pokemon is being tampered with. I’m curious what are your feelings on this new Pokemon?

    1. I will always love the original generation of Pokemon the most. The amount of nostalgia there is ridiculous, but I’ve also accepted the fact that Pokemon (the series) needs to evolve in some way. I don’t necessarily have an issue with an Evolution of Mewtwo if it’s explained well. I mean come on, they are running out of ideas at this point.

  2. at first I was unsure how I felt about mewtwo getting a forme at all. then I warmed up to hit later. having played pokemon since red and blue I can safely say that this came as a surprise. mewtwo was first gen and my friend thinks that its not going to be a forme since its 5 generations later, after which he had logic thrown at him after he picked himself up off the floor he agreed with me. that didn’t actually happen that way but its sounds better that way. it is odd though that they decided to release the form now. and that one move at the end of the trailer looks like a new move. interesting. I find the idea intriguing.

    1. I feel pretty much the same way. I’m pretty indifferent to the whole idea. Mewtwo is one of the all-time classic Pokemon, plus he was some sort of wacky science experiment. I’m just hoping, if this is a direct evolution that that explain it well. Plus, does anyone else think it just looks like Freiza from Dragonball Z?

      1. I was actually not allowed to watch DBZ as a child so I couldn’t tell you. and the experiment thing has been done only twice in the Pokémon franchise. Mewtwo and Genesect. hence the new movie. Team Rocket Vs Team Plasma and what not. Extremespeed Genescet: Mewtwo Awakens

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