Xbox 720 Reveal Date and Pricing

Xbox 720
Rumors about Microsoft’s next console have been running rampant on the internet lately. While there is no confirmation of the name, price, or release date, Veteran Tech Blogger, Paul Thurrot may have outed the reveal date and pricing for the “Xbox 720.” Just for the record, I hope this name doesn’t stick. 

The “Xbox 720” is set be revealed on May 21st. According to the latest episode of What the Tech, the new Xbox will be available in November. The two different price points are supposedly $500 for the standard model or $300 for a subscription based model.

The burning question on everyone’s mind involves DRM. “Is it an online only system?” While this still isn’t confirmed, it’s looking like this is most likely the case. Thurrot comments on some information he received about the console months ago.

“The thing that interests me, going back and looking at some of the stuff I got a long time ago, it actually says ‘must be internet-connected to use’ in the notes,” he explained, before adding, “And that’s all I have, but it does say that.”

At this point, it’s all hearsay. We have no confirmation from Microsoft and no sources sited for any of his information, but it’s still some rather interesting news. Let’s hope the “Xbox 720” announcement is a little bit more powerful than the PS4 presentation and let’s hope that Microsoft returns to it’s focus on gaming and not general entertainment.

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    1. It’s definitely a distinct possibility right now. Other big companies are getting away with it. If this is the case, at least this will take some business away from Gamestop. A lot of people look to put all the blame on the developers, when really the majority is caused by consumers and corporations like Gamestop.

  1. All this rumour and random speculation is really quite frustrating, and based on what we hear, rather disconcerting as well. I suppose we just have #dealwithit

  2. I think the longer Microsoft waits, the better. They get to make sure everything is right, and they also get to monitor progress in the PS4 so they can then make it even better. Usually, the device released after is better. I do gaming and smartphone reviews on my site

  3. With that said, you have to be impressed with what was seen about that game “watch dogs” for the PS4. That looked pretty amazing. The character movements were like an actual humans. Microsoft will have to match that, and if possible, beat it.

    1. Watch Dogs looks amazing. That is one the next-gen titles I’m incredibly excited for. Unfortunately it’s not a Sony exclusive, chances are it will be coming to the new Xbox as well.

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