Big Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Patch Coming Next Week

If you’re like us and you’ve been playing an unhealthy amount of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate the last few weeks, you’ll be happy to know Capcom is giving you even more options to play. Say goodbye to your free time. 

As of April 16th, you will have access to Cross-Region play and Off-TV play. Cross-Region functionality allows folks from the US to play with folks from Japan and Europe and vice versa. The Off-TV play is going to allow you to grind Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate straight from your Wii U gamepad. This way, when your girlfriend gets mad because you’ve been hogging the TV all week, you can just load up the game and play while she watches Magic Mike or some nonsense like that.

If you haven’t checked it out, we have our Monster Hunter forums setup and we need some solid Hunters to fill in the gaps. I’ve also started my “How To” guide on Monster Hunter which can be found here. Take care and happy hunting!

I Mileson I

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