Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Reveal Trailer

Today we finally get a trailer for the mysterious Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon and it’s perfect. In less than two minutes, this trailer perfectly encapsulates the 80’s and everything it stood for. 

Pardon my french, but this trailer is fucking amazing. I don’t normally like to resort to swearing in my writing, but sometimes it’s really the only thing that can do it justice. Enjoy.

[youtube http://youtu.be/30xlTStHzVk]
If this trailer even remotely captures the awesomeness of this game, it should be one of the best arcade releases of the year. I don’t even care what the cost is, I’m going to be all over this. Embrace the nostalgia!

I Mileson I


  1. Totally Tubular, Fucking Radical, Way Cool! Ubisoft, you have won over this gamers heart (still a bit peeved over the whole DRM and Rayman thing, but, I’ll give them credit for really taking the time to think of the gamers ‘glares over at EA and Activision’). This is the kind of creativity the FPS genre needs right now (hmm, is Far Cry like the Batman of FPSes). I would be totally cool if they turned this into a franchise.
    Now excuse my while I drool all over this trailer one more time and then fantasize about a proper kick ass Running Man game (complete with voice acting by Ahhhnold)

    1. Get to the choppa!!!! I just played the game this morning and it’s amazing! It’s a beautiful love ltetter to 80s action flicks and it’s hilarious.

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