Injustice: Friday Among Us

This isn’t the Friday Fun you deserve, but it is the one you need… well need might be a strong word. So this past week saw news of the new game in the Batman: Arkham series and it’s looking good. But let us not forget that isn’t the only game with a DC license. April 16th will see the release of Injustice: Gods Among Us, the DC Universe fighting game. 

The plot of the game seems to involve Superman going crazy and becoming a totalitarian dictator, thus setting the scene for a showdown between heroes and potentially the settling of a lot of nerd debates. It can be argued that director Kevin Smith has had more than his fair share of those debates especially with long time collaborator, Jason Mewes. In fact, we have video evidence:

But Jay and Silent Bob aren’t the only ones using this opportunity, the guys over at The Warp Zone have gotten into the act with a song in the hearts:

Friday Fun Video Bonus:

This one is a promo for the film, Batman Begins that was on the cable channel, ABC Family. Keep in mind, this a 100% real promo that has aired on television:

“and lives for love” I cannot stress this enough, that is a real promo not a fake one to make a joke.

Happy Friday Everyone!



  1. In these super hero debates I find the best strategy is to avoid them at all costs because soon you will swarmed with most deadly menaces of all time; fanboys and fangirls. Not even the powers of Superman and Batman combined can save you from their wrath.

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