State of Decay Gameplay Trailer

Despite the fact that zombies have become a huge cliche in gaming, I still get excited for almost every new game I see with the undead. State of Decay is shaping up to be a rather impressive Xbox Live Arcade release and Undead Labs/IGN  delivered the first official gameplay trailer. 


State of Decay is an open-world, zombie-survival game. You take the role of a group of people trying to, wait for it… survive a zombie apocalypse. While this basic idea, in of itself, isn’t original, the core game mechanics seem to offer some new twists to the genre. Not only will players focus on gathering supplies, but players will also need to focus on building fortifications and structures that will help them survive. There is an ever-changing world that offers tons of re-playability and excitement.

Like I’ve said before, I’m always down for a solid zombie game. State of Decay is scheduled for release on Xbox 360/Xbox Live Arcade and PC this June.

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