Earthbound Virtual Console

So as we reported earlier today
, Nintendo made some huge announcements today. One of the big ones is Earthbound, or Mother 2 as it’s sometimes known, will finally be coming to the virtual console. This has been a long time coming as fans have begged Nintendo for years to something with the Mother/Earthbound franchise.ย 

For those that have never played it, Earthbound was an rpg for the SNES. The game followed Ness as he and friends tried to defeat a Lovecraftian alien called Giygas. It was very unique, taking place in a modern setting and using very bright cartoon like graphics and quirky humor. Hopefully this will eventually lead to Mother 3 coming to North America and Europe a well. We’ll keep you updated as more news comes in.



  1. Took them long enough.. Sometimes I don’t understand their decision making. They’ve been driving me crazy for years. I really miss the NES and SNES days occasionally

      1. This is one they’ve been saving for a special occasion I’m sure. I mean this game sells for thousands of dollars online.

    1. I wish they would release more consistent titles on the virtual console. There are so many great NES and SNES games I’d like to relive.

    2. I think it’s because licensing issues.Some of the music needs to be licensed for a lot more money here in the west than in japan. That’s what I’ve heard is the issue! Also, these games are huge,text-filled games,that needs extra hard work on getting the writing just perfect for us!

  2. I feel they are doing this becuase they need to pull no punches when it comes to the Wii U. It is not selling very well and if this and the Wind Waker HD help spur sales than so be it. Oddly enough EB isn’t for Wii VC just Wii U VC. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    1. Yeah I could see a lot of people going crazy for this. I never got to play Earthbound as a child, so I know it’s one I will be picking up for the Wii U.

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