New Yoshi’s Island for 3DS

Yoshi's Island 3DS
has really been bringing the thunder the last few months. There have been a plethora of amazing announcements and it seems like Nintendo is bringing back the creative spark we all love them for. One of the game’s I’m most excited for is a new Yoshi’s Island game for the 3DS

There is no official title or release date for the new Yoshi’s Island, but we did get a little preview of the gameplay. It’s bright and beautiful, just like the original on the SNES.


The controls are staying classic and the graphics have received a major overhaul, while keeping the same artistic vibe. Yoshi’s Island was one of the defining games for the SNES and I’m very excited to see Nintendo carrying this game into the current generation. Get ready folks, it’s going to be a busy year.

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  1. Reblogged this on RRB's Games Blog and commented:
    Just in case none of you knew….. I LOVE NINTENDO!! Everything Mario/Yoshi/Luigi simply has this, this FEEL AND LOOK to it that you just gotta love!! Zelda as well, oh wait they just released a new one of those as well!! BRING IT!

      1. You said it bro, I’m 32 this year and I swear Nintendo has never left my life, they had a few rocky patches but let us not forget that Donkey Kong and Mario revived the big video game crash when I was a small boy and they both still live today as big as ever!

        Thanks for sharing the goodness.


      2. I’m honestly really happy to see a bunch of great franchises I played as a kid being revived and revamped for modern audiences. Nintendo is digging deep and remembering why they love making video games.

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