I Ain’t Afraid of no Friday

This past week saw Nintendo continue it’s Year of Luigi as well as make a ton of other awesome announcements. Sadly even with his own year, the green wearing brother can’t catch a break as Tiny Cartridge points out with this photo:


Yes it seems, Mario has snuck his way onto the Luigi special edition 3DS. You know for an overweight plumber, that I always assume smells like Carlo Rossi, Mario gets around. Aside from his day job of saving women from large animals, he plays tennis, golf, go karts, pretends to be a doctor, and many many more. But there is one thing Luigi gets to do Mario doesn’t and that’s catch ghosts! That is, it was the only thing Luigi got to do until the extremely talented James Farr came along:

Mario even gets to be Venkman, that’s gotta hurt. Happy Friday Everyone!


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