Our First Animated Short

We are insanely excited to reveal our very first animated short! It’s based off one of our favorite comics, Real Men. We hope you like it. We had a ton of fun getting this all put together. Here’s Real Men, the animated short.

[youtube http://youtu.be/L4rD8SJLK6g]

Well, whatcha think!? We would love to start doing more of these and we’d love your help to promote the work we’ve done so far. If you like it, give it a little share on Facebook or check out our YouTube channel and give us a follow. Thank you all very much for watching and for supporting our shenanigans. 


Art: Michael Yraola, Miles Dompier, and Shoukei Tam

Animation: Shoukei Tam

Voices: Miles Dompier

Music and SFX: Miles Dompier

Be sure to check out other projects the talented Shoukei Tam has worked on, over on her website.


  1. As Mr Vader put it: “Impressive.”
    And yeah, real men do wield swords and shields, it’s just that there aren’t that many about anymore.

    1. Thank you very much! We hope to start a colony of people who only sport swords and shields as defense. We will make our own currency and call it the “Menz” because that’s how manly we are.

    1. Thank you very much! It’s really appreciated. We’re hoping to get some more out very soon.

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