Interview with Stinky Footboard CEO Stephane Rivard

Recently I had the opportunity to talk with CEO and Co-Founder of Stelulu Technologies Inc., Stephane Rivard, about the innovative gaming peripheral, aptly named the Stinky Footboard. Don’t judge a footboard by it’s… cover? This thing is going to change the way we all game. 

For those of you unfamiliar with the Stinky Footboard, it is essential a peripheral you can use in association with a keyboard and mouse. It offers four additional game play actions and can be operated without lifting your foot. It eliminates the need for excessive hot keys and allows players to activate controls with the natural movement of one’s foot. This video should give you a better idea of how this product is used.

I was curious to know a little bit more about the Stinky Footboard and how people should be looking to use it. Stephane was a great sport and answered all my questions fantastically.

1. What sparked this idea? Were members of the teaming looking to “step” up the current standard for gaming controllers? (Pardon the cheesy pun.)

The initial idea came from wanting more control by offsetting some of the keys being used by our pinky finger and moving them to our foot.  Many games require you to hit 20-30 keys. We tried MMO style mice and other styles of pedals, but they did not solve the problem.  The current pedals on the market require you to hover your foot over them until you’re ready to execute the command or search for them if you lose them under your desk.  That is where we came up with a Footboard that you can rest your foot on at all times with four buttons at your disposal.

2. The Stinky Footboard seems like the next logical step in gaming peripherals. What current games would you like to see implement these new controls?

It was designed to work with any game. Since our software allows you to map any key or action to it, it has proven to be an advantage in FPS, RTS, MMO or MOBA games. We are working on new models that could create new types of control for game developers but these are early stage prototypes.

3. What would you tell someone trying to compare the Stinky Footboard with Nintendo’s Wii/Wii U Balance Board?

The Wii/Wii U Balance Board is a platform that you stand on. It utilizes sensors to measure your movement, which typically related to movement actions on the screen.

The Stinky PC gaming footboard is a 4-button platform that you rest your foot on. It has a central pivot that allows you to quickly activate any of the buttons, which have been mapped to a specific key. It is intended to be used for secondary actions (such as prone, crouch and weapons switching) along with your mouse and keyboard. It is like have a third arm!

4. The Footboard seems to gaining some major attention in the gaming community. Are their any big developers planning to utilize this controller with next-gen gaming?

We developed the current model to be compatible with any PC Game. It has proven to be so adaptable that we have people using it for Photoshop, Movie Editing, Visual Studio, Midi Effect and DJ as a trigger. We are also in discussions with game developers for next-gen footboards.

5. This definitely seems like a healthier alternative to sitting on the couch with an Xbox 360 controller. Are there any proven health benefits to using the Stinky Footboard?

Nothing proven just yet but you’ll definitely be burning more calories tapping your foot in those long frag-sessions. Being a small company we have done tests like driving over it with a car to test durability but we haven’t had the opportunity to measure calorie burn. Be sure to stay tuned because I’m sure we will think of something cool to prove it!!

6. Just for fun, explain the Stinky Footboard to someone totally unfamiliar with the idea in just five words.

Innovative foot-operated input device!

A huge thank you to Stephane for taking the time to answer my questions. For more info on the Stinky Footboard, visit the website and be sure to check out the Kickstarter page where you can help contribute to this innovative new device.

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