Jeers of War: Episode One

Jeers of War

If there’s one thing I hope we’ve established with this website, it’s that we love Gears of War. We’ve been playing since day one of Gears One and we’ve got a few things to say about Gears of War: Judgment. Come check out our Podcast/Video/Gameplay thing. 


Thanks for checking our Jeers of War. We will have more videos coming very soon. We hope you found our Gears ramblings at lest halfway entertaining. If there’s something “Gearsy” you want us to cover, or if you wanna throw out a Gears of War Throwdown Challenge, we’re always happy to play.


  1. Great vid guys, very well done. If not for the overrun mode, I would have felt bad for your skills.

    It does make me sad when they take some things away from a shooter that makes it unique only to make it more like CoD. CoD is fine and all, but there needs to be a variety at times as well. We don’t need 15 different versions of a shooter, but 15 completely different shooters would be awesome.

    1. Thanks for checking it out man. We had fun and that is the key thing. Just some good bros, playing some good ol’ fashioned Gears of War.

      One day Call of Duty won’t ruin all other shooters and that’s a day I eagerly await.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and sharing the article. While I don’t necessarily believe there is any direct correlation between violent video games and violent actions, I do appreciate you checking out the video.

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