Total Brilf

Total Brilf

You don’t have to be gay to recognize another attractive man. Let’s face it, every day, commercials and movies shove handsome man, after handsome man, right down our throats. It’s hard not to notice. Don’t be afraid to tell another Bro he looks good. There’s no shame in that.

Do you have a special “Brilf” in your life? Show them you care, with an “I’M A TOTAL BRILFtee-shirt. We have three rad font colors to choose from and you can customize your shirt color. Get yours today for a mere $12.


  1. Nice.
    Do we girls have a similar word for this, or are we simply more generous with telling other girls they look awesome/sexy/cute, thus not needing an acronym?

    1. There’s this weird phobia with men, so I think it’s a little different, but I suppose you could use something like Gilf or Bilf?

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