The First 30 Minutes of Farcry 3: Blood Dragon


The highly anticipated Xbox Live Arcade release Farcry 3: Blood Dragon dropped today and I was all over it. I picked it up this morning and I decided I just had to share the first 30 minutes of this game. Enjoy half an hour of intense action, graphic violence, and best of all, glorious puns. 


If this is something you’d like to see more playthoughs of, let me know. I had a ton of fun playing and wouldn’t mind putting up some more videos. I thought I’d give you the first part of the game without any commentary, just so you could take it all in.

By the way, the title screen intro was left longer on purpose. That music is just so damn good.

Farcry 3: Blood Dragon is available now on Xbox Live for 1200 Microsoft Points.

I Mileson I


  1. Looks like Starhawk meets Terminator meets Timesplitters meets Duke Nukem. Looks really awesome! Thanks for uploading this. I was unsure about this game, but after watching this vid, I just know that I have to have this! 😀

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