Yo, Mr. Whats Your Tag readers it’s time to Friday Fun videos! One of my favorite shows is Breaking Bad, I love it so much I can’t even watch it on tv. I have to wait for the dvds because I need to watch the season all in one go (or reasonably close to one go). That is why I’m stunned in amazement and joy by the achievement of Brian Anderson and his LEGO Breaking Bad animation based on the Traveller’s Tales series of games:

Be sure to check out his site for some sweet looking wallpapers. But he’s not the only one to work on Breaking Bad gaming content. Musician Blake Robinson has done a sweet chiptune take on the song “The Long Walk Alone (Heisenberg’s Theme)” from the Breaking Bad soundtrack and provided an awesome animation to go along with it:

But it’s not just fans combining Breaking Bad with video games, the writers themselves have added some nice nods. Including this exchange between the characters Badger and Skinny Pete:

Happy Friday Everyone!



  1. The title of this post made me squee a little. I have the same problem with watching it on TV. I HAVE to wait until it comes out so I can just watch it all in one sitting instead of torturing myself waiting for each episode to air.

    1. It’s sooooo good. I started watching a little later in the series. I think it was season three, but I ended up watching three seasons in less than a week.

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