Nerd Wars! Who’s Got the Best Mustache in Gaming?

There’s no better way to tell the world you’re a total man than to grow a gnarly mustache. Think about it. Picture that distant uncle you have, the one who wears flannel and sits on his porch yelling at any passerby. You know what he has? A stache and he who has the stache, holds all the power. There have been some amazing mustaches in gaming history and for this week’s round of Nerd Wars! we want toย determineย who’s got the best stache of them all. Careful, things might get a little hairy.


      1. Solid Snake for sure. He probably knows five ways to kill someone with it…

      1. Man, Wario is a burly manly man with a wicked ‘stasche!! And he looks like someone with a problem with gasses.

        I respectfully agree to disagree, and I respect your opinion ๐Ÿ˜€

      2. But Waluigi has the perfect length to his stache. Plus it looks better groomed. The only way for them to settle it would be oil wrestling.

      3. Oil wrestling while NAKED. And shaved in the unmentionable regions.

        My God.

        What have we created.

      4. Aww yeah, now things are starting to heat up a little bit. I feel like you could find a drawing of that someone in the creepy sections of deviant art.

      5. Hah, I actually couldn’t find such a picture, but all I can say is “challenge accepted!”

  1. That’s tough… if it was most iconic it would Mario since everybody knows him. However, it has to be snake because his stache resembles Tom Sellec’s. Tom’s mustache is so good, it has to be fake!

    Technically though, Dr. Neo Cortex has a Fu Manchu, but I guess that’s in the mustache family tree somewhere…

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