Pokemon X/Y Gameplay Trailer

Pokemon X and Y

Today Nintendo released a new gameplay trailer for Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. Check it out:

Looking pretty sweet. And no, when the female trainer looks in the shop door that wasn’t a sexist swipe at girls, that they’re always thinking about shopping. You can actually customize the clothes on your trainer. If there’s one thing I love in games, for whatever bizarre reason, it’s dress up. Look for both games in October.

(h/t Tiny Cartridge)



  1. It looks pretty awesome, but my first thought was, “Why can’t they remake the originals to look like this?!” Haha. I can’t help that I’m a hardcore fan of the first few generations.

    Thanks for sharing!

    – Britney

    1. I think the only reason they haven’t done it is because people’s heads might explode. That would be amazing. I’m a big fan of the newer Pokemon games, but they classics will always be my favorite.

      1. Oh the horror! Millions of heads exploding around the world! Come to think of it, that might actually be kind of cool to see… and if that means a 3D reboot of Pokemon Blue, that’s a risk I’m willing to take.

      2. Lol! Everyone would be in a panic and like, “Is it the Zombie Apocalypse?” And us just like, “Nope, its the 3D reboot of the original Pokemon games! Ahahaha!”

    2. Knowing Game Freak they just may end up doing that some day in the form of a remake like what they did with red when they made firered. i just wish they made one huge pokemon game with all the regions. Come to think of it a pokemon mmo (says the guy that does not like mmos much…lol)

      1. I think the only reason they haven;t made a Pokemon MMO is because all society would stop functioning. Kids wouldn’t go to school because they are playing and people would stop going to work because they are playing. The world economy would collapse! I would be all over it though haha

      2. Mileson i believe that’s exactly what would happen if they made a pkm MMO and sadly i think i’d be a contributing factor to the worlds inevitable fall 😦

        All jokes aside if nintendo were to surprise us and put a pokemon MMO on Wii U sales for that console would sky rocket. they won’t be able to make enough for the demand.

      3. Seriously… You could kiss any sales problems with the Wii U goodbye. I know people who would request several weeks off for the release of that game…

        Maybe one day…

  2. I don’t know if I can wait until October! I want this game so bad right now! I just can’t wait to see new Pokemon and customize my player character for the first time! At least this time Japan will be suffering along with us instead of already having the game.

    I’ve mentioned before in some of my own posts that I LOVE mounts. the fact that you can finally ride a pokemon means that we will eventually get the “follow me ” Mechanic back soon with the riding mechanic. so I’m waiting for when you can freely fly around the regions. get on my Rayquaza and scare small children from the street’s WAHAHAHAHA….(cough)… where was I?
    and the different pokedex’s are an interesting change. the region looks like a star if you look closely you will see Stonehenge and the Coliseum. meaning its not just based on France.
    Anyone else smell a new type?

    1. I’m pretty excited for some epic Poke mounts. I’m hoping we can ride any Pokemon. It would be pretty boss to be seen riding around town on a Farfetch’d.

      1. flashes of Paper Mario and the Thousand Year door popped into my head. Ghetto Baby Yoshi as a mount.
        It said that certain Pokémon can be ridden in certain areas. So can we ride the obvious mountable Pokémon? Rapidash? Dodrio? Tauros? Others?

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