New Super Luigi U Info

luigi u logo

As we posted earlier, Nintendo has released another of it’s Nintendo Direct videos. We got 30 minutes of announcements, among them fresh info on New Super Luigi U. Check it out:

What might be the most exciting news is that New Super Luigi U will be released on a stand alone disc for anyone that doesn’t have New Super Mario Bros. U or an internet connection. We also learn that Nabbit will be included as a multiplayer character. Am I the only one that sees something off about Nabbit’s design though?


It’s just looks a little… you know with the big lips and black skin and… maybe it’s just me. New Super Luigi U comes out as downloadable content on June 20th or as a stand alone disc on July 26th.



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  1. I will give this game a chance. I’ve never liked platformers especially Mario since its shoved down our throats. I like Luigi better because he’s awesome. and green is my favorite color. So I will attempt to play this game. Nintendo I’m giving you a chance if the princess is in another castle I’m going to break something!

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