Street Friday Alpha 2!

Only the pure of heart, body, and soul may learn the ancient technique of Friday Fun videos and win the What’s Your Tag Death Tournament of Death! Our first competitor comes from the mysterious and far off place known as England. It is truly a battle for the ages as the hand of animator and concept artist Jonny Lawrence, takes on his own marker Akuma-esque creation:

Epic, but can it stand up to our next fighter? A man who challenged the world, a man who dares to dream, yes the world’s first analrapist: Dr. Tobias Funke. To celebrate the return of Arrested Development on May 26, the producers created a viral website with the “INSERTMEANYWHERE” challenge. This call to the arena was taken up by Capcom’s Unity Blog:

Finally while we can all agree that the Street Fighter series is the grand champion of fighting games, what of it’s first real rival to that title? What of Mortal Kombat? Well, via Muppetism and youtube user, Herman McClain, we know it wasn’t always pretty:

Should I feel shame that I owned the Mortal Kombat soundtrack as kid? I’m just gonna go ahead a feel shame about that. Happy Friday Everyone!



  1. Awesome post, fellows. There’s also no shame in owning the MK soundtrack; I had the Killer Instinct one. The shame, though, may come from still slipping it into my CD player from time to time while driving.

    1. I think we all secretly owned the Mortal Kombat soundtrack. Those tunes were killer! Seeing this video nowadays just kind of makes me sad though….

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