Hey Nintendo, Wanna Sell More Wii U Consoles? Give Us an Online Pokemon.

Pokemon Universe Dual ReleasePokemon is a phenomenal franchise. If you don’t actively play the series, chances are you have at some point in your life. The Pokemon games on the handheld systems have always been great, but deep down I think we all want that experience expanded and molded into something greater. If Nintendo is wanting to increase sales for the struggling Wii U, they should offer fans a legitimate Pokemon title; not another PokePark or Mystery Dungeon and they should release it exclusively for the Wii U.

Just imagine the possibilities of a Pokemon game with improved online multiplayer. We’re not just talking battling or trading, no this would be a project with a gameplay experience completely built around the idea of online communities. I don’t want to say a full-on Pokemon MMO, because honestly I don’t think the world could handle that. I feel like we would all devolve into stationary, sub-humans and all major industry would collapse. I just picture something much more than what we are currently being offered. Here are some ideas and suggestions for a console version of Pokemon that would actually work.

Real-Time Multiplayer

The Pokemon games have provided various multiplayer modes in most of the newer titles, but it’s never quite what I wished it would be. I love the idea of battling and trading with friends online and that’s something they’ve been doing pretty well. What I want to see is real-time, open-world, exploration with your friends. I want to battle through the brush on Route 22 with a close friend by my side. Having this type of accessibility to other players would eliminate the need for the clunky connection system that’s currently in place. You could trade items, Pokemon and battle anytime, anywhere and you could do it in real-time. Now don’t worry, I haven’t gone completely insane. When I say “real-time,” I’m not talking about changing the battle system. I love the turn-based style currently in place. What I want to see implemented, is a system where one player can see a friend in a nearby Pokemon battle with another trainer and to have the ability to walk up, press an action command, watch this battle as it unfolds. Or what if you could aid a friend in need right in the middle of a battle? These are all features I would love to see added or improved upon in the next Pokemon game.

Active Online Communities

For me, Pokemon has always been a social experience. When I’m actively playing, I’m usually doing it with friends. An online focused Pokemon game could create some truly innovative and engaging online communities. What if by defeating a gym leader, you had the opportunity to take their place and hire you friends to help run your gym? Imagine if the greatest players in the world became the Elite Four and the highest ranked played earned the title of “Pokemon Master.” A new online-only region could be created where these events and these trainers could live and grow. Creating your own “gym” could be similar to creating your own “guild” and you could host events and tournaments within the community and actively be ranked in global leaderboards. This would create a true desire to “be the very best, like no one ever was” and it would make it easier than ever to prove.

A Multi-Platform Release

Turning this into a dual Wii U/3DS release could be one of the greatest financial moves in gaming history; especially if players were given the ability to transfer save data between the two versions. Players could still enjoy the same portable Pokemon experience they know and love, but it would allow the for additional online features and multiplayer options via the Wii U version.

I’m sure at this point, I’ve lost all support from the Poke Purists, but I insist that you look at this from an objective standpoint. Having a legitimate Pokemon title on a console wouldn’t hurt anything. It would only offer a new world of possibility. Nintendo could even capitalize on the Wii U name and call this title Pokemon U-niverse (Yeah I know there is already a game out there entitled “Pokemon Universe,” but it’s unlicensed and frankly, not very well done.)

Pokemon Universelogo

If this is something you’d be interested in seeing made, let your voice be heard. Share this article with everyone you know or anyone interested in Pokemon. Maybe Nintendo will catch some of these subtle hints and begin developing the Pokemon we all want to see created. If you think I’m completely insane, that’s fine too. Feel free to tell me. (P.S. I made the concept logo and box art)

I Mileson I


  1. I don’t plan to repost my comment i made previously while the post was being updated instead i will write about another pokemon concept that uses all the information from the finished article. From what i have read above the game sounds like an MMo which is not a bad thing. Personally i can’t play MMos because i find they require too much time and care to play. Two things i don’t care much to spend in a fantasy world stored on a server somewhere that can be be shut down if fans lose interest and the money stops rolling in.
    With a large name like pokemon i can’t see that ever happening so i’d make the plunge head first. I am a fan of the series and as such have proudly owned all of the games in the series at some time, some of which are still in my collection.
    I agree with Milson that Nintendo needs Pokemon to save the Wii U whether that is in the form of an MMO does not really matter. all that matters is that gamers are able to collect all the pokemon they desire, train the shit out of the little bastards and then beat the crap out of their friends. Pokemon made the gameboy sell like crack because it had a multiplayer element that no other franchise has ever been able to duplicate since, and they need to use that selling power to move Wii Us.

    Just a small example of how much selling power that franchise still has is the fact that when X & Y were announced some of my friends that never showed any interest in the 3DS were messaging me saying “Q? where can i buy a 3DS and when does the Game come out”

    come on Nintendo use that power for good.

  2. NOOOOOOOOO! absolutely not! over my dead body! I had this issue in WoW with the pet battles. its going to be spammy as all get out and annoying. No! This is a bad idea. If im getting aprotched by the same person over and over for a battle its not worth it. It will flop because the current system will not work in an MMO. Prove me wrong.

    1. This by no means would be an online-only Pokemon game. It would simply allow for greater amounts of online gameplay. This would be more about playing with friends than playing with random people.

      1. I’m not sure if that would be a good thing… However, now that this is clarified it seems like a better idea. If Game Freak listens to anything we say listen to this,. Your current set up of Pokémon will not support an MMO play style.

        Do you think that they can work in the whole friends thing in X and Y? Like if you have a friend registered and you are within 10 ft they will show up in your game normally instead of the Entralink that didn’t work half the time. Please tell me this isn’t just me that experienced the Entralink Fail. my friend and I were going to check out the new features and it wouldn’t connect us. it was a great idea but in doesn’t work.

        – Kaxzc

      2. The Entralink was a good idea, but worked poorly. I had many issues with it. I just want the option to be able to host a room and have buddys join my game and join the Poke Hunt. Like I said before, not necessarily a Poke MMO, but just something with expanded online capabilities.

      3. id rather them incorporate the hosting setting in an actual version than create a separate game.
        The Entralink only worked once for me and after that it refused to do so ever again.
        That note on the Poké MMO was actually just a side note not me trying to say THIS idea was.
        If you haven’t noticed by now I’m very adamant about Pokémon lol. It was my first ever video game franchise and I would hate to see GAME FREAK screw it up.
        Mileson you’re very patient with this rant. Thank you

        – Kaxzc

      4. Haha it’s all good. I’m a huge fan or rants. It’s always fun to see people passionate about a franchise they love. I remember doing yard work for my neighbors all summer so I could save up money to buy a Gameboy Color and Pokemon Blue. I’ve been in love with the franchise ever since.

      5. It was worth it. Pokémon is the game I fall back on when bored with other games. although Fire Emblem is a close 2nd. Im concerned what will happen when they finish with this series. what will be created in the wake of Pokémon? They hinted to the conclusion of this game in Black and White. the open world everyone is waiting for? who knows!

      6. It was one of the best gaming purchases of my life. I pretty much always have some variety of Pokemon in my gaming lineup. Even when I’m not playing it religiously, I still find myself wanting to play it.

    1. Maybe one day… Maybe one day. There are a lot of indie companies trying to make full-on Pokemon MMO’s, but this is something Nintendo and GameFreaks would need to do for it to come out right.

  3. Reblogged this on Geeky 'n Girly and commented:
    Yes, please!
    There is nothing more for Pokemon that I want more than for it to become something much larger and grander than it is now. I am very much surprised, disappointed, and dismayed that Nintendo hasn’t taken Pokemon to this point yet! I have owned a Wii before, but I sold it after a year because I couldn’t really get the most of out it. However, if Pokemon became an online game, I would put buying a new Wii on my to-do list.

    – Britney

      1. Shoot, I don’t know about secretly..

        Or wait, maybe that’s just me. ^_^ This coming from a girl who dressed as a Pokemon trainer for Halloween last year.

        – Britney

      2. Yes, sir. I am currently creating our facebook page and twitter, so I might throw the pictures up on facebook if you’d like to see them. 🙂

        – Britney

  4. I absolutely love the idea of an online pokémon experience, but there’s always dangers. Star Wars was a strong brand too, and while SWTOR wasn’t bad, it didn’t live up to the expectations. Pokémon is propably the strongest brand in gaming these days, because they have never been very daring. They don’t change much with each generation. A major change like this would be risky.

    Besides, it feels like MMO popularity is dwindling. After several years of trying, no one have been able to surpass WoW in popularity.

    I’m just happy that we get some character design options in the next generation, and an update to the battle system. Transforming Pokémon into a MMO could potentially damage the brand if it’s not done properly. I haven’t had the best experiences with Nintendo’s online opportunities either 🙂

    1. A Pokemon MMO I’d absolutely a risky move for the franchise, but expanded multiplayer options of the existing series would be very welcomed. Like you said, Nintendo’s online functionality is lacking and I feel like sometimes they just don’t get online gaming. In most cases that’s fine for the games they make, but they shouldn’t rule out the option to make a series better.

      1. Definately not! They did dig into it with the Dream World, but they still have miles to go 🙂

    1. Seriously! That’s what I’m saying. This is an untapped gold mine! Maybe if Nintendo see’s enough people supporting this, they will look into it… Just maybe…

  5. I think everyone I’ve played pokemon with has made a few comments about how this should happen at some point. I haven’t spent more than a month or two on any MMO, but this could the the kind that would get me hooked.
    Speaking of which, has anyone tried PokeMMO?

    1. I did try the PokeMMO… it was really meh. It’s not terrible and it has some really cool ideas, but it’s usually really laggy and the interface isn’t that user friendly.

      1. That’s a fair assessment. I enjoyed seeing how much it changed the experience for me to play with people, even if it was just plain firered.

  6. I actually made a concept and mechanics for how a realtime pokemon battle would be in an MMO version some years ago, factoring in environment etc like they do in the anime 🙂

    1. That sounds pretty rad. I’d love to see it actually happen one day… But from the sound of it, GameFreak has no interest whatsoever. 😦

  7. I enjoy your concept and agree with many of its aspects. I really wish we could GameFreak on the concept. What an excellent way to celebrate Pokemon’s 16th Anniversary (yeah, I know we JUST missed year 15) than with a massive collection in 3-D. A true 3-D pokemon utilizing the network capablilities of the WiiU! I like your ideas, sir. 🙂

    I wrote a post somewhat similar to this one back in the day for a Chalk Talk – so, I’ll link it here as well. You might enjoy it. 🙂

  8. I am only a 14 year old. But when I put on a pokemon fire rom on my psp, I got hooked instantly. Pokemon games shouldnt be based online, becauseif you are anywhere without Internet or Stranded You cannot get your quickfix of pokemon :P. What Nintendo should do is to release pokemon games and other Nintendo hits on all devices including smartphones so so that you can get your nintendo Fix any time any device anywhere. This will increase their revenue, Nintendo will climb up the charts to be king and the consumer get their Nintendo fix.
    Win win for everyone

  9. Want to sell more Wii U consoles? Actually market the thing!

    Honestly, half a year passed by when I even realized Wii U had come out. A friend told me 2 months prior before the release when it was coming out and I forgot. Over a year later, I still see more point in buying a Wii console over a Wii U. Even though they shut down the Wii online multiplayer services, I still plan to buy a few older titles from their marketplace which is still up and many RPGs I have missed out on. In fact, a few months back I even rebought the Wii because I feel I might actually use it now.

    Pokemon cannot save the Wii U, contrary to what most of you might believe. Microsoft said Titanfall was going to be a huge game-changer, it wasn’t. Was FFVII a game-changer for the Playstation? Not specifically, but it helped pave the way for Sony home consoles to market mainly RPG games.

    Bottom line, it needs games. It needs marketing. It needs to look at the competition. In a statement by one of the CEOs of Nintendo already stated he never looked at Microsoft’s or Sony’s consoles. I personally don’t even think Nintendo realizes just how much they need this thing called the “internet” to survive. You don’t have to make an MMO or even a game that is mostly online. You just have to market your product online and make the online experience more user-friendly. Don’t flag YouTube gameplay videos because they showed 30 seconds of Pandora’s Tower.

    Let’s just face it, there was next to no hype for the Wii U, Nintendo are being jerks, and they have most all the games I can play on my other consoles.

    Animal Crossing, Donkey Kong, Earthbound, F-Zero, Fire Emblem, Golden Sun, Kid Icarus, Kirby, Zelda, Super Mario, Mario Kart, Metroid, Pikmen, Pokemon, Punch-Out!!, Star Fox, and Super Smash Bros.

    They still have Custom Robo, Pilotwings, and Mario Party too. Plus they can spin-off just about each of those and have them be decent games.

    Those make up at least a year or 2 worth of exclusives right there. Make Pokemon expanded over the Wii U and possibly interact between that and the 3DS, same with pretty much everything there. You can easily mix up the stories between the two consoles. Pour money into Square-Enix (who needs it) and make a Final Fantasy Wii U-exclusive game.

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