Golden Locks

Golden Locks

Let’s face it, some people just have pretty epic hair. It’s a gift and a curse. Sometimes you must hide this beauty from the world because not everyone can handle it.

As a very special bonus, Mileson will include a picture of what his hair use to look like a few years back. Let’s just say it puts Fabio to shame.

Mileson Epic Hair

Pretty epic, right? Sometimes I miss my supermodel hair, but unfortunately most places of business would never allow hair of this magnitude. One day I will grow it back out. Until then, I wait patiently for the planets to align.


      1. Umm when you say “Bring it back” is it cryogenically frozen or summit :O

  1. I remember my long hair days. Gets really hard to take care of after having it for 2 years. Especially during those hot summer days.

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