I am Iron Friday!

That man is putting up Friday fun videos… thought we wouldn’t notice but we did. Yes, once again we are powering up our impressive tech for the end of the week. To be perfectly honest, even though it’s been out for a month, I haven’t seen Iron Man 3. I was really let down by the second the movie, I mean I liked seeing Scarlett Johansson beat people up, I liked Tony Stark and Garry Shandling yelling at each other, but alas these facts and my man-crush on Sam Rockwell couldn’t save it. The first film on the other hand, I love. For those of you who don’t recall, let the guys over at CineFix give you a quick run down of Iron Man 1, Mega Man style:

Is it possible Mega Man is the perfect 8-bit side scroller? Of course while 8-bit is pretty sweet looking, why not something more modern? Well youtube user, taltigolt has that in spades with this Grand Theft Auto IV Iron Man mod:

Sadly looks like there has been some problems with the audio, earlier you could hear Jarvis saying things like “Emergency”. Finally let’s end things with Capcom Unity’s tribute to Iron Man in real games:

Happy Fri- Ah hell I can’t resist:

Thanks to youtube user, Cal627 for that and Happy Friday Everyone!


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