Fable HD Remake Confirmed


Earlier today the folks at Lionhead Studios released a very cryptic blog post simply entitled, “An Exciting Teaser to Start the Day.” Included in this blog post was the “Fable Teaser Trailer.” People speculated that this meant a remake of the original Fable game and this has now been confirmed via a podcast from Major Nelson’s blog. 

“Here’s a little sneak peak of something we’ve been working on…” 

[youtube http://youtu.be/2EhswZYju0s]

This shiny remake comes with a plethora of new features. Fable HD will include the Lost Chapters, new Achievements, SmartGlass functionality, leaderboards, a new UI, and will be displayed in full 1080p HD. The remake will also be using the updated Unreal 3 engine to render lighting. A new facial animation system, new cutscene animations, updated textures, models, particle effects, save system and much more will also be integrated into this release. 

Fable Anniversary
This is something fans of the original game have been wanting for years and it’s really exciting to see Lionhead Studios producing such a quality remake. I know I’ll be picking this bad boy up. Fable is one of my all-time favorite games and it’s finally get the touch-up it deserves. 

Fable Anniversary is scheduled for release this holiday season for the Xbox 360. 

I Mileson I


  1. So, how many people other than myself just ran around farting on everyone and everything. Unfortunately I couldn’t get my in-game wife to leave out of sheer disgust after I spent an hour doing nothing but farting in her face, so I killed her, looted her, and farted on her corpse for an hour.
    Oh, and a damn fun game. I’ll probably snag this. Any word of a PC release? Would be nice since Fable 3 and The Lost Chapters are available.

    1. I miss the days when you could just run around and fart on everyone. It’s a feature that was much-needed in the other two games.

      It took place in the golden age, where a man could just fart on his wife for hours and then kill her for not leaving without a single penalty. Ahhhhh, one day we will return to those days.

      No word on a PC release. So far, just an Xbox 360 exclusive.


  2. I dunno man, Peter Moleneux has been long shafting gamers for quite some time. Not sure if I would plod down some hard earned dollars for a remake for a game that was a bit of a letdown in itself.

    We’ll see.

    1. I don’t believe Fable one was a let-down. Not at all. For it’s time it offered something different from any other console RPG. It didn’t have everything it originally intended, but what game does? I will gladly complain about Fable 2 and 3, those were absolute let-downs, but I love the original.

      1. Well, I mean in terms of overselling and under-delivering. But that’s more on Peter Molyneux. I played through the game and it was a decent experience but initially I felt like i’d been had.

      2. Yeah I remember him talking about the infamous “seed.” We’d be able to plant a seed and see the tree grow and change with the world and yeah… that didn’t happen. I’m hoping Fable 4 has much more to offer than 3.

  3. *happy dance!*
    Faaaaable! Wohooo! I just loved scaring the children… eh, I mean… eh… *awkward silence* …oh what the hell: I just LOVED scaring the children!

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