Lightning Returns… again

New trailer just came out for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. The second sequel to Final Fantasy XII is supposed to be the end of Clou-Lightning’s! story (who is not a female Cloud). Check it out:

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII comes out for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 February 11 2014 in North America and February 14 2014 in Europe.



  1. Interesting enough. 13-2 was a rather nice surprise that really improved on 13. If this could follow the path I’d be more than happy to give it a play. Now, only if FF could stop with this futuristic shit and get back to mages in Orko hats, dragons, Kefka, and getting me damned FF6 remake I’d be a happy FF fan.

    1. Agreed, I miss the days of flying wooden ships and Chocobos as the main mode of transportation. FF9 did a great job of bringing this back in a fun way. I would love to see something in that form but bring back the job classes at least for one game.

      1. 13 did kind of have a job system in a way, but not like days of the old.
        When it comes down to it, my least favorite FF games are the ones with the futuristic setting (7, 8, 13) and my favorites are the ones with the more traditional setting (6, 9, 12).
        One dream I have is Square making another FF Tactics game that doesn’t suck (those FFT Advance games were so damn watered down compared to the mastery of FFT)

  2. seen this trailer early looks very interesting and I find it more entertaining than the previous titles…13 days for the world to end…challenge accepted

  3. 13 is by far my least favorite FF game, that’s not saying that i hate it, it’s just weaker than the rest when comparing RPG mechanics and gameplay (the word watered down comes to mind). that however is not my biggest problem with the game. that glory goes to the fact that they broke this story over 3 titles and that parts of it have been broken up some more in the form of DLC.

    If i had to name my favorite FF games it would have to be 7, 3, 4, all the tactics games (including the Advance versions) and FF12 revenant wings

    1. I was not a fan of 13 at all. I played for about 4 or 5 hours before I just couldn’t take another second of it. It looked really shiny and that was about it. The RPG and gameplay mechanics were so simplistic it was like watching a really long and boring cutscene.

  4. So this game is really happening, huh? All right…13 and 13-2 were (in my eyes) scraping the barrel in terms of gameplay and story, so if nothing else this game deserves some credit for offering a new combat system. Whether it works out remains to be seen, but for now even a “hater” like me admits that there may be hope and potential yet.

    Now, if only it could do something about that story…

    1. I was hoping we could just leave Lightning out of Final Fantasy forever. Nothing about the FF13 series has been redeeming for me. Hopefully the gameplay is slightly more exciting than the last two.

  5. You can say what you like about Lightning, but in Dissidia 012 she’s a great character. I like her “I don’t give two ****s about your plans” attitude. I enjoyed the paradigm system for her in Dissidia. I’ve never played any FF game besides Dissidia because I’m annoyed with turned based games. Fire Emblem and Pokémon are the exception. I understand people not liking the FF13 universe but I have a feeling (DONT HOLD ME TO THIS) that this game might make an exception.

    – Kaxzc

      1. It’s fun until you get a game for a living console. I bought Dissidia and Kid Icarus at the same time. I put more time into Kid Icarus than Dissidia.

        I think…

        – Kaxzc

      2. I thought it would be a I’m bored game but it consumed me for a while. And the random 4th wall breaking was hilarious. Plus the metroids reference. It was a fantastic game.

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