Nerd Wars! What Are You Most Excited to See at E3?


We are less than a week away from E3. Sony and Microsoft have both revealed their next-gen consoles and Nintendo is attempting a rather unorthodox approach this time around.  Each company has something at stake and they all realize that. Hopefully this turns into some amazing projects from everyone involved. We’re excited to see how this all turns out, but for this week’s round of Nerd Wars! we want to know what you’re most excited about seeing at E3.


    1. Dude… I’m all about Megaman and we better get an awesome reveal from Capcom or I’m going to burn that place to the ground! (If it actually burns to the ground, I swear it wasn’t me.)

  1. Honestly, there’s going to be some awesome stuff at this E3. There’s TekRecon, who just barely made it into E3 with their Kickstarter page, Stinky Board, and all kinds of other people with peripherals that’ll make gaming easier and more fun. Then there’s the games… OH LORD, the games. Indie games, mainstream games, games that help people with PTSD and cognitive development. There are remakes of favorites (Fable, etc.) and games trying out new territory. MY HEAD IS GOING TO EXPLODE. I’ve received hundreds of emails just in the last week about E3, and trying to sort out the best stuff to demo and people to interview is becoming somewhat of a challenge, especially since this is my first E3, and it’s as press. What do I sing at the BandFuse booth? How am I going to carry all my stuff? What shoes should I wear?! GAH!

    I’m looking forward to seeing the demos.

    1. Yeah I had the opportunity to interview the CEO of the Stinky Footboard and get some more information on it. It seems like a rather cool peripheral. We had planned on attending E3 this year, but I will be moving across a few states in the next couple weeks and I didn’t want to try and squeeze this in on top of it. I’m still very excited to see what everyone will bring to the expo.

      Good luck out there!

    2. Yeh, to try and take it all in on one day was my mistake at Pax as press. Pace yourself and carry a tablet instead of a laptop, holy crap that thing gets heavy a few hours in.

      I’m with Mileson in the good luck out there bit. Remember to have fun too!

  2. I am really Interested on what Sony will provide for ps4… I hope they provide more titles for the ps vita….Its all dusty in the drawers…loll…..I would like as well to see the mystery Final Fantasy Game which I am hoping to turn out to be Final Fantasy Versus 13(Final Fantasy 15 if its renamed to that) as well what will Nintendo provide for the WII U..

    1. I’d love to see a brand new Final Fantasy, one that has nothing to do with Lightning, at all. For me, FF13 has been a huge disappointment and they just keep going with it.

  3. If the Killer Instinct rumor is true I will lose my head. An online fighter using the same mechanics as the arcade games with next gen graphics would be incredible.
    However as Microsoft own Rare then that seems like it will be part of the Microsoft presentation which would go some way to calm people down on the anti xboxone movement. If they don’t come out with a tonne of surprises and quality then it will turn ugly very quickly.

    1. That’s exactly how I feel. I would love to see a polished, updated Killer Instinct. It’s still one of my all-time favorites.

      I feel that Microsoft knows they need to deliver a ton of great games and I’m confident everyone will be more excited about the Xbox One after E3.

      1. I think you’re right “that Microsoft knows they need to deliver a ton of great games” to squelch the complaints about Xbox One. I’ve read that they’re aiming for 15 exclusives in the console’s first year. But will Sony have even more and even better exclusives? After all, Sony seemed to really like that strategy this gen. and might perfect it now.

      2. When the 360 first launched I feel like it had far better exclusives than the PS3. When they clearly started pulling away from Sony I think they lost focus on that a bit, but I have a feeling they will have a very strong exclusive lineup for launch.

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