Dead Rising 3 Xbox One Exclusive

dead rising 3 logo

Continuing with E3 2013 news at Microsoft’s press release we learned that Dead Rising 3 will be out in November and be and Xbox One exclusive!

The game takes place 10 years after Dead Rising 2. Zombies are back again, obviously, and the main character, Nick, has to get of the city of Los Perdidos before the military wipes the city off the map. But they’re not all dickish about it, in fact from the gameplay footage you can even call in airstrikes. Check it out:

If there is one thing I love about these games it’s the interact with everything element and this time it looks like it might be taken to a whole new level.

(h/t GamesHQMedia)



  1. It looks really generic and boring. Dead Rising games should be campy and silly, this actually looks a lot more bland and serious.

    1. I’m sure the campiness is still there. All the Dead Rising games have had the dramatic “semi-serious” intros. I’m sure once we see more of the weapon crafting it’ll be ridiculous again.

      1. I wouldn’t be so sure, the fairly lengthy bit of game play they shared had no charm at all.

      2. Until the game comes to another platform, it’ll never be in my hands. I’m staying as far away from the Xbox One as possible. I know it’s supposed be an exclusive, but history has shown that usually only means for a limited time.

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