Sony Drops the Mic(rosoft)


Sony just concluded their E3 press conference and wow just wow. First and foremost no online requirement! Don’t have broadband? Live in an area without broadband? In the military? No worries, you don’t have to connect it online. The second big announcement, no restrictions on used games! Buy a game and it’s yours.

The third and what was in all honesty the most shocking thing they announced? The price will be $399.99. $100 cheaper than Xbox One. This is all truly amazing news. No offense Sony but I really thought you guys were going to just sheepishly side step those first two issues and the price is just icing on the cake.

Something Sony did seem to mutter under their breath was that online multiplayer will require a Playstation Plus account. At least this was my impression. They glossed over it pretty quick and the video was a little lagy. Overall, it looks like Sony has my vote this generation.



  1. I think Sony just capitalized on Microsoft’s mistakes and made a very fan-centric presentation. The price is right, the indie support is there, the exclusives are there and the presentation was a pretty solid foundation that mostly consisted of the entire reason we all tuned in.. gaming.

    1. Sony had a solid presentation. They had the right focus and they gave consumers more options. I’m glad Sony is picking things up a bit. The PS3 was clearly lacking the greatness of the PS1 and PS2, but the PS4 is looking very promising.

      I’m not sure how I feel about the console appearance and I’m definitely not into the design of the new controllers.

      1. I agree with the controller design – It just doesn’t look very comfortable. Aside from that, I can’t wait to get my hands on one when it’s released!

  2. Don’t worry too much about the appearance, I’m sure they’ll eventually launch a red/white/fuschia version as time goes on. Kinda surprising that both companies went the black,blend into your electronics route. In fact, now that the whole world can see how similar the two consoles are I’d bet good money that Sony will go out of their way to make a different colored version just to further differentiate themselves.

    Microsoft is now like watching a movie where your favorite character gets bitten by a zombie. You hope against hope they will put up a good fight but every day they just keep showing signs that they are getting worse and worse.

    1. Hopefully the release a Funfetti version. That way all my friends will know I’m tough. I would love to see a Neon colored console, but I don’t think any of the companies have the gumption to release something that extravagant.

      I will admit that I’m a little sad to see Sony rock the conference so hard. It must be a big terrorist plot to take down the US economy. Hahaha

  3. Currently, PS3 owners can play online for free. Playstation Plus costs pretty much the same as Xbox live subscription. I doubt its anything too big to ask for, especially when paying to play online, currently, on the Xbox obviously isn’t an issue. But Playstation has always had my vote ever since the PS1, but what they announced just makes it absolutely certain that I will never own an Xbox One.

    1. I loved my PS1. That and my SNES are probably my two all-time favorite consoles. I’m glad Sony is getting it back together and remembering why they started making games in the first place. Microsoft is making it very hard for me to be a fanboy.

  4. As always, I won’t be getting a console at launch as I always wait for the inevitable price drop and version 2.0 where they tweak out the bugs. Anywho, PS4 will be my console of choice, after I buy my Wii U (which will be getting a purchase very soon regardless of what happens at E3).

    1. Well said about the hold out on buying. I will likely wait a year before I dive in. This give them a chance to put the system out there and see what the faults are. It also lets a wealth of games build up too. Best part is the games available at launch that I want to play will be on the cheap used.

      1. I normally don’t buy used, but often wait for the price to drop on games and buy them then (Though I did drop 50 bucks for a day one Bioshock Infinite purchase, but that’s a rare occasion and well worth it). But yeah, you’re also right, a larger pool of games at a better price for me to grab when I get my shiny new console.

    2. It’s always much cheaper and much better a year down the road. That’s what’s unfortunate about being an early adopter. I will be buying one at the end of this year and Sony just made my decision very difficult.

      1. I’m choosing to read that as “I’m no longer an Xbox fanboi and have now jumped ships” just because it’s the internet and I can read it however I want. lol… see you at work (don’t punch me).

    1. I own a Wii U now and so far it’s been a very mild experience. If Nintendo puts out more great first-part content it’ll do great. Plus we have Smash Bros coming soon 🙂

  5. Clever title. I’m definitely impressed with Sony for pretty much not being dicks like Microsoft.

  6. I watched this video more than once Sony that was completely epic XD not a xbox fan but was quite disappointed how Microsoft handled the Xbox One to be honest

    1. This video was a definite trolololol, but it was very well done. They found something that everyone hates about the Xbox and used that to promote their own console.

  7. I was determined to choose the X1 over PS4 but E3 was the final straw. Switched my pre-order from X1+Forza to PS4+DriveClub+Killzone and couldn’t be happier. Sorry Microsoft, I simply cannot support your new hardware.

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