Final Fantasy Versus the Future

final fantasy 15

Yesterday at E3 SquareEnix finally let the world know what was happening in the Final Fantasy franchise. It seems Final Fantasy versus XIII is dead. And by dead I mean it will now be called Final Fantasy XV:

This actually really makes me excited, primarily because I think this shows in some small way SquareEnix is getting it’s act together.  It’s not much mind you, but they at least are acknowledging that it’s time to move on. It has the big draw back of course that the next Final Fantasy will still have the futuristic/sc-fi/rave kids go to the Renaissance fair look but it seems to have been greatly toned down from the last few games in the series (I’m looking at you X). Overall we’ll just have to wait and see.

We also got a look at some gameplay footage of what will now be the last, I presume, in the Final Fantasy XIII line:

This all might be the most I’ve ever been excited about Final Fantasy XIII. You have to understand, I have Final Fantasy VI Advance, I’ve got the masterpiece in the series.


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