Legend of Zelda: A Link to E3

loZ link between worlds

This morning at the Nintendo Direct announcement we got some new news on The Legend of Zelda, namely some updates about Wind Waker HD and a new trailer for the sequel to A Link to The Past

And the new Wind Waker HD trailer:

While it looks beautiful, sadly it looks like the Tingle Tuner will now link to the Miiverse. I say sadly because I immediately perked up while watching the Direct announcement thinking they were going to start linking the 3DS to WiiU, but nope. It’s not that this is bad news, it’s just… I guess I got my hopes up a little too high. Still Wind Waker HD and a sequel to arguably the best in the Zelda series!



      1. I have been waiting for Mega Man since the first Super Smash Bros. Seriously, goodbye to me always playing Zelda/Kirby. It’s Mega Man and the Villager always now. I am stoked for both that game and anything Zelda!

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