E2 F1: Electronic Entertainment Friday

All the spills, all the chills, all the thrills of E3 have passed us and once again it’s Friday. We saw a lot of great things announced at E3 this year, among them was that Retro studios is working on a new Donkey Kong Country game! But what is the Donkey Kong series really about? Well fortunately comedian Erik Charles Nielsen, appearing on Conan, has the answer to that questions and others:

Also announced was a brand new Super Smash Bros. featuring Mega Man! It actually got me wondering, what if Nintendo had done Super Smash Bros. on the Super Nintendo? Apparently, Carlos Maulen was way ahead of me:

Finally, it wasn’t all smooth sailing at E3, in fact there were a lot of things that went very wrong and I’m not just talking about the Xbox One. I kid cause I love. Youtube user, bigMooney has complied a list of every awkward moment, prepare to cringe:

Happy Friday Everyone!



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