Indie Spotlight: Gnomoria


I recently played an decent chunk of the Strategy/Sim Gnomoria. Let me tell ya, it’s a butt kicker! I’ve had a ton of fun with this game so far even in it’s Early Access phase and they’ve putting out fixes with relative speed. When this game is finished, it’s going to be even more awesome. 

First up, even though it’s in the Early Access/Beta phase of it’s life, it’s a fully fleshed out game. In the same vein as Towns and A Game of Dwarves, you start with a group of settlers (this time Gnomes, duh) and start to build up your village. You have to build fields for crops and animals (No fences needed. The animals are afraid of what’s beyond the designated color zone I guess) and mine for resources.  You do all of this while maintaining food, drink and keeping a watchful eye  on attackers.  With the different materials you find in Gnomoria, you can create more elaborate and nifty looking structures to house and “kingdomify” (yeh, it’s a word) Building wasn’t as easy as the other games because everything felt harder to find. Even after “figuring” it out, I still tend to get lost in the collective of buttons and options. “Where was that button to make a distillery again?” You know how it is. However, one thing I feel I learned a bit too late was that using the right-click opens up and easy to use option list that has mostly everything you’ll need. I kind of wish there was a tutorial mode.

Graphically this game is similar to Towns, but with a more fun SNES look. (See what I mean about the right-click menu?)
Graphically this game is similar to Towns, but with a more fun SNES look.
(See what I mean about the right-click menu?)

Oh, did you say you wanted options in a sim game? Well this game has a lot. A whole freak’n lot of them and it almost borders on some condition to what you can do. You can change the jobs of your Gnomes and or create new jobs out of the job list and enlist them into the local militia because you need defense! There are tons of different crafting options to be able to… well… craft items like walls, crates, statues of Gnomes, and traps to help defend yourself from attacking enemy jerks.

Gnomoria 002
Ok so from left to right are two goblin raids and the third is a solitary badger. They only sent two goblins at a time, but that was enough to kill everyone. The badger… well he did quicker what it took two goblins to do. It was embarrassing.

So far I’m loving this game.  Even though I’ve spent quite a bit of time in this game, I still find myself dying horribly every time.  You’ve got to somehow manage defense as well as making a working village.  With the eventuality of being able to make traps to help defend your base and build up a larger army, (and like I said before) this game can only get more awesome.  It’s an interesting advancement in the genre.  It’s nothing super innovative, but it’s worth your time and money.

Think you can do better? (Hopefully you can.) Let us know how far you got, maybe post a screenshot in the forums as proof.

-Jonathan Amarelo


    1. If you’re into this genre, try it out. If you’re new to it, you may want to switch it to easy. I was playing on normal every time this game killed me within an hour lol.

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