Flip it Friday!

Dear Whats Your Tag Blog readers,

We’ve heard you, your comments, your feedback and we welcome them and thank you for helping us to reshape Friday. Yes the big news this week is that Microsoft has gone soft (GET IT!) on it’s new policies for the Xbox One like DRM and the 24 hour online check in. This is of course awesome news for everyone on the fence about the Xbox One. For a brief run down of the whole affair let’s turn to the only news source I trust, NMAtv:

Man, I remember when Sony cut that guy’s arms off. Truly an E3 for the ages. Ok so that didn’t happen but what did happen was a video smack down from Sony on DRM. Well, the guys over at Inside Gaming have struck back in manner of speaking:

With all the fighting between Sony and Microsoft at E3, it’s easy to forget that Nintendo made their own announcements. It had a lot of great things to be excited about but sadly not much in groundbreaking news. If you don’t have the time to look up the whole video, VideoGamer TV has an abridged version for your pleasure (NSFW language):

Happy Friday everyone!



  1. Still going the PS4. However I am now more willing to consider ‘Will I get an XBox One maybe later down the release track?’. Hopefully they’ll have rectified their whole Kinect bullshit by then.

  2. As a Nintendo fan and only being slightly impressed with their E3 stuff (other than Villager in SSB), that last video was hilarious. I felt the same way about most of what they said, especially about X. I thought the same thing, “IT’S GOT DINOSAURS AND ROBOTS THAT… WHAT’S THIS GAME GUYS?!?!?” Classic…

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