We Did the Mash, We Did the Friday Mash

WORDS OF WARNING: I seem to be having a problem embedding the videos for this week’s Friday Fun Videos for now I’ll just be posting links until it can be fixed. I am truly sorry, please enjoy this inside joke about the Mega Man Legends series from Project X Zone via Tiny Cartridge to make up for the inconvenience:


UPDATE: The videos are working again! I was going to take the image down but I really like Mega Man Legends. So onwards!

Okay, now picture in your mind a day of the week. Now, what if we took that day and did a mash-up with the Norse Goddess Frigg AND AND… we call it… “Friday”. Pretty good right? This past week saw the release of Project X Zone, the strategy/action rpg that brings together Namco Bandai, Sega, and Capcom characters in an epic crossover. There is a flaw in that game though, it makes me want more and all the time, in every game! Fortunately, stop motion wizard, counter656, knows just what I’m talking about:

While as long as there is gold to be mined in console exclusive IP’s, this will sadly have to remain a fantasy. Although, let’s not forget Link was in Soul Calibur II, well the Gamecube version anyway. Of course fighting games do have an easier time (not being terribly story heavy) at bringing all sorts of characters together or… kittens together. This next video comes to us from the good folks over at The Pet Collective and shows us the deadly art of look at their wittle faces!

Finally no mash-up special or whatever this is supposed to be, would be complete without bringing up a new meme that is taking the internet by storm. If you’re not familiar with the anime series Attack on Titan, you might have seen some of the mash-ups going around for it’s intense opening. The site, Topless Robot has nice run down of the best. My current favorite is Attack on Hill but that might change when youtube user, TaisatheGamer finishes this:

Happy Friday everyone!



  1. I think i was having the same problem adding videos yesterday to a post i made, i eventually just did the post without the videos. mind if i ask how you fixed the problem.

    1. Use this code in the visual editor.

      That worked for us, but other things in the editor are still being weird. Let me know if that works for you. The * is just there as a note, it’s not actually part of the embed code.

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